General Terms and Conditons

effective as of 23.04.2024.

1. Definitions

Terms and Conditions: This document, which contains the general terms and conditions for the Content TrAIlbrazers Summit.
Service provider: The below stated company providing the Service.
Guest: Anyone who purchased a ticket and participates in Content TrAIlbrazers Summit
Service: Content TrAIlbrazers is an online AI-marketing Summit (hereinafter: the Summit or the event). Service provider organizes the event and provides the opportunity to purchase tickets through the Website. Service provider guarantees that with the purchased ticket, the Guest can participate in the programs and events listed on the Website.

2. Contact details of the Service Provider

Name: Zsolya Communication Bt.
Represented by: Dr. Szabó Orsolya
Address: Hunyadi János utca 33., 2120 Dunakeszi, Hungary
Business License Number: 13-06-074507
Tel.: +3630 633-3874

3. Technological conditions

By using the Website, you acknowledge and accept the following.
The minimum technological conditions required to use the Website:

  • internet connection, internet browser;
  • setting enabling the use of cookies (the website only uses cookies necessary for the operation of the site)

When using the Website, all persons visiting the Website are obliged to refrain from or interrupt any actions that hinder the proper functioning of the Website.
The Service Provider makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the safe and error-free operation of the Website.
The Service Provider reserves the right to periodically restrict access to the Website for maintenance or development purposes without prior notice.

4. Contracting parties

If the ticket is purchased by an individual (Guest), the Guest directly becomes a Contracting Party by reading and accepting this General Terms and Conditions before paying the ticket price.
Purchasing a ticket is not possible without accepting the present Terms.
The Service Provider and the Guest together, provided that the conditions are fulfilled, become contracting parties (hereinafter: Parties.)

5. Conditions of participation

Visiting the Summit requires the Guest to buy a ticket.
Purchasing a ticket does not require any prior registration or login.
You can participate in the Content Trailblazers event online by choosing from three ticket types on the Website:
Innovator’s Ticket: Priced at $229 (early bird $129), offering live access to all panel discussions, two key presentations, exclusive speaker discounts, additional AI materials, and entry to a private networking group.
Trailblazer’s Ticket: Priced at $529 (early bird $329), includes all benefits of the Innovator’s Ticket plus access to a special workshop, 7 days of recording access, participation in Q&A sessions, and a free PR opportunity in Women & Business Magazine ( ).
Explorer’s Pass: Priced at $159, provides 7-day access to recordings of all panel discussions and two key presentations, catering to those who wish to engage with the content at their own pace.

Service Provider reserves the right to make special offers which are shown on the Website and can be claimed upon the conditions mentioned on the Website.

6. Purchasing a ticket

After chosing your ticket type, the purchase can be started by clicking the button ‘I buy my ticket!’ on the Website.
After that, you will get to the Cart page, and then you can navigate to the Cashier page with the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button.
After filling in your personal and billing data, you can complete the purchase and payment by clicking the ‘Place order’ button.

Payment is possible only by card through Stripe’s highly secure internet banking closed system.
The payment page will be displayed automatically. Online payment is made through the Stripe system (provider: Stripe Technology Europe Limited).
The Service Provider will confirm the purchase to the Guest without delay by means of an automatic confirmation e-mail.
This confirmation e-mail is regarded as acceptance of the offer made by the Guest on the part of the Service Provider, which creates a valid contract between the Service Provider and the Guest.
The Guest is exempted from being bound by the offer if s/he does not receive a confirmation e-mail from the Service Provider regarding his order without delay, but within 15 minutes at the latest.
The Service Provider is not responsible for confirmation to the wrong e-mail address due to incorrect data.

The invoice for the purchase will be issued within 8 days and forwarded to the Guest via the invoicing program at the specified email address.
The Service Provider declares that, in the case of payment by card, it does not manage, collect or store any card data necessary for the payment transaction, nor does it access this data in any way.

7. Rights and liability of the Guest

The Guest is liable to cover the damages originating from the breach of the Terms and Conditions.
The Guest is exempted from this liability if the Guest proves that the breach of the Terms and Conditions was caused by an event unforeseeable at the time of accepting the Terms and Conditions and outside of the Guest’s control, where it was not expected from the Guest to avoid the event or prevent the damages.
The Guest is forbidden from any behavior which would endanger the intended use of the Website, or which aims at shutting it down.
Guests of the online conference are expected to adhere to certain behavioral guidelines to ensure a productive and respectful environment. These guidelines include maintaining professional conduct throughout the duration of the conference, actively listening to speakers without interrupting, refraining from engaging in disruptive behavior such as talking over others or using offensive language, and respecting the opinions and perspectives of fellow participants.
Guests with the Trailblazer’s Ticket will have exclusive access to Q&A sessions with the experts, allowing for direct interaction and the opportunity to ask questions.
Additionally, Guests participating live should adhere to the designated schedule and be mindful of time management to facilitate smooth transitions between sessions.

8. Rights and liability of the Service Provider

The Service Provider is not liable for direct or indirect damages originating from the use of the Website, except if these result from the Service Provider’s gross negligence or malevolence.
The Service Provider is only responsible for damages resulting from the gross negligence of the Service Provider or its representatives and employees related to the Service, if the occurrence of the damage was foreseeable at the moment of the negligent conduct, and the negligent conduct breaches a substantial responsibility originating from the legal relationship between the Guest and the Service Provider. In this context, responsibilities undertaken in the Terms and Conditions, and responsibilities necessary in order to use the Service can be considered substantial. The provisions of this paragraph do not limit the liability for being at fault for endangering life, physical integrity, and health.
The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for damages originating from circumstances outside the Service Provider’s control, if the occurrence of the damage was not foreseeable at the time when the Provider accepted the Terms and Conditions.
The compensation paid by the Service Provider does not cover lost profits and consequential damages. The provisions of this paragraph does not limit the liability for being at fault for endangering life, physical integrity, and health, or the liability originating from the intentional conduct of the Service Provider.
Service Provider is only responsible for damages resulting from the malfunctioning of the payment system when the error is originated from Stripe Technology Europe Limited.

9. Changes and cancellation

Depending on your ticket type, you can join in and leave as needed. With the Explorer’s Pass and Trailblazers’ Ticket, you’ll have 7-day access to recorded sessions, allowing you to catch up later. The Innovator’s and Trailblazer’s tickets will be your best options for live participation and access to specific content during the event. We understand you might have other commitments, so we’ve designed ticket options to accommodate varying levels of availability.
Due to the above mentioned reasons, Service Provider can not accept cancellation requests from any Guests and can not be a reason for refunding the fee.
Service Provider undertakes the responsibility to hold the event under all circumstances. If for any reason the event or part of it cannot take place on the announced date, Service Provider undertakes to make up for it at another date. If the new date does not suit the Guest, Service Provider provides free access to the recording of the event.
Service Provider is only obliged to refund the price of the ticket if the event is completely cancelled or unavailable.

10. Recording the Summit

The conference will be held in the virtual space to enable everyone around the globe to participate. We’re not just creating magic in the moment – we’re capturing it for the future, so the entire conference will be recorded.
When entering the conference, Service Provider requests Guest’s consent to image and audio recording. Please note that the recordings may be used for future purposes.
All rights reserved by the Service Provdier on the recordings of the Summit.

11. Protection of intellectual property

The Service, and the original, unique content in the related Website is under copyright protection. The Service Provider is the copyright holder of the content displayed on the Website and the content that was made available through the Service (including but not limited to every video, graphics, and other material, the layout and composition interface).
Every design element (e.g. the logos) belong to the Service Provider and they are under protection. The unauthorised use of these elements is sanctioned by law.
The documents sent to the Guest by us or the speakers during, before or after the Summit are protected by copyright. Any reproduction, transmission or other use of the materials provided – even in extracts – is only permitted with our express written consent.
The saving or other use of the content of the Website and certain parts of it on a physical or other data medium, in addition to private use, is only possible with the prior written permission of the Service Provider.
In addition to the display associated with the intended use of the Website, the necessary temporary duplication and the making of copies for private purposes, these intellectual works may not be used or utilized in any other form without the prior written permission of the Service Provider.
The Service Provider reserves all rights to all elements of its service, in particular the domain name “”, its subdomains, all other domain names occupied by the Service Provider, its subpages, as well as its Internet advertising surfaces. Any activity aimed at listing, organizing, archiving, hacking, or reverse engineering the Service Provider’s database is prohibited, unless the Service Provider gives special permission for this.
Without a separate agreement or the use of the service for this purpose, it is forbidden to modify, copy, insert new data in it, or overwrite existing data by bypassing the interface provided by the Service Provider or search engines.
In regard the permission of the Service Provider, please contact at e-mail address.

12. Dispute resolution

If any legal dispute between the Service Provider and the Guest is not settled during negotiations with the Service Provider, the following legal enforcement options are open to the Guest:

  • Initiating legal proceedings.
  • Online dispute resolution

Parties stipulate the jurisdiction of Hungarian law.

13. Miscellaneous provisions

Service provider reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions in addition to prior notification of visitors and Guests via the Website.
The Guest accepts that the use of the Service after the change in Terms and Conditions, means that the Guest accepts the provisions of the Terms in effect.
If provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions are, or become invalid for any reason, that does not affect the validity of the other provisions.