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Welcome to Content Trailblazers, the ultimate gathering for trailblazers in AI-driven content creation. Discover the next frontier of digital marketing through innovation and pioneering ideas, making it the most trendsetting event of the year.

June 5th, 2024

AI in content creation and digital marketing represents the frontier of innovation, blending machine intelligence with human creativity. AI-marketing harnesses data to personalize campaigns and predict trends, enhancing engagement. AI-creation automates content production, from writing to video, making processes faster and more efficient while offering creative insights.

Leverage AI to propel your content and marketing strategies, ensuring unparalleled success, efficiency, and profitability.

Who is this event for?

Corporate Leaders & C-Suite Executives

Tech Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketers & Strategists

Content Creators & Copywriters

Educators & Students in Marketing and AI

Discover how the Content Trailblazers Summit can transform your professional life:

Enhanced Creativity:

Unlock new creative possibilities in content creation through AI-driven tools and techniques.

Scalable Solutions:

Discover scalable marketing strategies that can grow with your business.

Leadership Development:

Develop leadership skills by learning to integrate and manage AI technologies within your teams.

Understanding Future Technologies:

Equip yourself with the knowledge to prepare for and adapt to upcoming technological advancements.

Efficiency in Content Creation:

Learn methods to accelerate content production while maintaining high quality.

Cost-Effective Strategies:

Explore how AI can help reduce the cost of content creation.

Direct Access to AI Experts:

Engage with leading AI specialists and gain first-hand insights from their experiences.

The Four Pillars of Our Event


Content & AI

Insights into AI’s role in reshaping content strategies.


Data & AI

The importance of AI in analytics and gaining actionable insights.


Sales / Automation & AI

Enhancing customer engagement and sales efficiency through AI.


Law & AI

Understanding the legal landscape and ethical considerations in AI deployment.

Meet our AI-experts

Marta Duchai

Online review specialist


Márta Duchai is an online reputation specialist, president of the Hungarian Customer Experience Association, and a university lecturer. She aims to help entrepreneurs manage online reviews and build customer experience systems. She believes that there is no such thing as a bad review. Based on her experience, customer experience, kindness, and profit go hand in hand, and she believes that this approach significantly contributes to the success of businesses. She and her team use AI in their work daily, and she believes that AI can automate routine tasks, allowing humans to focus on unique strengths like kindness and creativity, which robots cannot replicate.

Judit Firniksz PhD, LLM, MSc

Scientific advisor, Wolters Kluwer Hungary


Judit Firniksz is the leader of the Digital Markets Working Group and a board member of the Hungarian Competition Law Association. She is a research fellow at the Competition Law Research Centre at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, who serves also as scientific advisor and regulatory expert. Her primary focus falls on the development and regulation of the digital economy, the digital compliance, and the interaction between antitrust and consumer law. In the period 2006–2021, she worked as senior attorney-at-law at PwCLegal Hungary as the head of the competition law group and co-operated as a key member of the retail, pharmaceutical, IT and data protection projects, as well. Before that, from 1998 to 2006, she held various positions (competition analyst, case handler, head of the department) at the Hungarian Competition Authority. She regularly publishes articles and holds lectures on various topics of digital compliance.

Mark de Grasse

Founder, AI-Branding Academy

Mark de Grasse, founder of the AI-Branding Academy and former President of, specializes in creating and systemizing frameworks for content strategy through AI tools like ChatGPT. With a career spanning over two decades in content development and brand building, Mark’s role has significantly shaped the intersection of digital marketing and AI education.

Patrick van den Hoevel

Director, Deal Pursuit EMEA at Google Cloud

Patrick is an experienced business executive with over a decade in cloud computing and more than fifteen years in the IT field. His expertise in law and sharp business acumen have made him highly skilled in handling negotiations, successfully tackling the most challenging situations.
He currently leads the Deal Pursuit team for Google Cloud in the EMEA region, overseeing customer negotiations for both major strategic projects and smaller, yet vital, deals. His role is key in expanding Google Cloud’s negotiation capabilities along with its service offerings.
Previously, Patrick practiced law at several firms before moving to Siemens AG | Siemens IT Solutions and Services, where he managed contract operations for Germany’s largest region and international strategic projects, which was eventually taken over by Atos. His later positions at Citrix, NTT DATA, and LogMeIn (now GoTo) involved transforming legal departments to support business growth, enhance profitability, and minimize risks.

Gerhard Kuerner


CEO & Founder – AI industry expert Gerhard Kürner comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has been involved with digital possibilities since the 1980s. In the 1990s, he worked on the introduction of CD-Interaktiv in Austria, on the first websites and won the national prize for advertising film. After setting up one of the first streaming services in Austria, he spent 14 years in various IT, communications and management positions at voestalpine. During his time as Head of Corporate Communication, he actively shaped the brand transformation from a steel producer to a global technology group. Since 2015, Gerhard Kürner has successfully built up several companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital solutions and online marketing. In 2020, he founded, now a leading company in the field of AI and marketing data science. The 506 CompanyGPT transforms your own company data into knowledge for employees or customers with the help of AI. In 2023, he was also elected Vice President of AI Upper Austria.

Ely Loew

Head of Growth Strategy, MarketingLens Ltd


Ely is a digital marketing veteran, having gained experience across a wide range of industries during his 8+ years at Google. After Google, he worked in Product leadership roles for 3 years, before coming back to the digital marketing world. Ely now heads up MarketingLens growth strategy, focused on helping clients in every industry connect their data and marketing strategies.

Andrea Megyeri Dr.

Innovation and content transformation director, Wolters Kluwer Hungary


Dr. Andrea Megyeri is a highly skilled legal professional with expertise in law and technology, holding an MA in Law and LLMs in European law and Codification. With a decade-long tenure at Wolters Kluwer, she has held diverse roles, including Head of Content Management, where she supervised legal content development and management across platforms. In her current position as Innovation & Content Transformation Director at Wolters Kluwer Hungary, Andrea leads initiatives to drive innovation and leverage technology for enhanced delivery of legal content. Passionate about customer research, she focuses on developing innovative content tailored to the evolving needs of legal professionals. Andrea is renowned for her expertise at the intersection of law and technology, consistently staying abreast of industry trends and advancements.

Katarzyna Mlynarczyk

CEO at Sell a Service, Service Design Manager, AI Design at Equinix

Katarzyna Mlynarczyk – Service Design Manager in Equinix, Fortune500 Company. “Go to person” for AI Design Projects. Managing multicultural team. CEO of Sell a Service – AI eCommerce Solutions for Service based companies. Operating on Insights as a Service IaaS market. Delivering new value for Data Science Area. Female Founder and women spirit top leader, named Strong Woman in IT. Entrepreneurial experience since 2012.

Jenny Nichols

CMO | Growth Marketing Expert | Analytics Nerd


Jenny Nichols is a marketing leader renowned for pioneering data-driven strategies and harnessing the power of AI and marketing automation to achieve results. Jenny has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional marketing approaches, earning a reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

It was during Jenny’s tenure at a tech startup disrupting the market with innovative solutions, that her passion for data-driven decision-making took root. Recognizing the transformative potential of data analytics, she spearheaded initiatives to collect, analyze, and derive actionable insights from customer data, laying the foundation for a highly targeted and personalized marketing approach.

Jenny’s leadership style is characterized by a focus on innovation, agility, and collaboration. She fosters a culture of experimentation and continuous learning within her teams, encouraging them to embrace new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Today, Jenny continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in marketing. With a keen eye on emerging trends and a commitment to driving business growth through innovation, she remains at the forefront of the industry, inspiring others to embrace the power of data and technology in shaping the future of marketing.

András Schenkerik

COO, Co-Founder @ Emprove AI

András is a technology consulting expert, with a vast experience in diverse fields and company sizes. He has been building robust IT systems and future-proofing strategies for well over a decade, specializing in emerging technologies and their practical application. He strongly believes that every organization can only be as productive as their vision and tools enable them.

Orsi Szabo Dr.

Online marketing & AI strategist, founder of Content Trailblazers


Orsi Szabo Dr. is a multi-award winning business and online communications strategist, founder of Zsolya Communication, Women & Business Magazine, and Content Trailblazers, who has been helping small, medium, and multinational companies to establish their online presence.

Orsi is committed to bringing the latest trends to her clients through her consulting, training, and strategic projects. She consistently expands her business knowledge at leading universities (Harvard, Stanford, METU) and keeps it up to date through international marketing courses, ensuring her clients can always rely on her expertise.

In addition, Orsi is a passionate believer in community building. Her women’s leadership project, Women & Business, targets internationally recognized women leaders. Together with her co-founder, their main goal is to connect, educate, and give visibility to women leaders who are highly underrepresented worldwide.

Dr. Balázs Vajna

Head of Analytics at MarketingLens

Balazs has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in analytics, data science and machine learning engineering, having spent most of his time in the consulting sector. He previously worked in large firms such as Oracle and Accenture as well as boutique consulting companies before joining MarketingLens to build their data analytics department. Balazs now architects digital-focused data and analytics solutions, and currently oversees all our marketing analytics, machine learning, tracking, measurement and attribution projects.

Amy Wees

Founder, Amazing at Home eCommerce Consulting

Amy Wees, a 7-figure e-commerce trailblazer and CEO of Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting, is recognized for her exceptional expertise in artificial intelligence, product development, sourcing, marketing, and sales on Amazon, TikTok and beyond. Co-founder of the exclusive LATAM tradeshow (, Amy curates unique events like the Mexico Trip and Amazing in China Canton Fair Sourcing Trip, offering entrepreneurs unparalleled sourcing opportunities. A seasoned globetrotter and international public speaker, she shares cutting-edge insights globally and coaches entrepreneurs through virtual sessions. Amy’s impact extends to “Wednesday Wisdom,” her weekly podcast, where she delves into discussions on product development, sourcing strategies, and sales tactics. With an unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve, Amy Wees inspires entrepreneurs worldwide to navigate the evolving landscape of international business. Explore her insights at

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Date: 5th June 2024

San Francisco

Local Start Time: 08:00 AM

Time Zone: PDT (UTC-7)


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Local Start Time: 11:00 AM

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Location: Virtual (link provided after the purchasement)


*We reserve the right to modify, cancel, or replace any aspect of the conference program, including speakers, topics, schedules, or venues.

08:00 AM

Opening: Welcome to the Future of AI in Marketing

Moderator: Orsi Szabo Dr.

08:15 AM

Turning the page: advancing the new era of content creation with AI

Moderator: Orsi Szabo Dr.
Speakers: Mark de Grasse, Gerhard Kürner, Ely Loew

09:15 AM

The future of anti-AI: how to avoid producing AI trash

Presenter: Orsi Szabo Dr.

09:30 AM

Interactive Insights: Live Q&A with AI Visionaries

Moderator: Dr. Orsi Szabo

10:10 AM

Legal Landscapes: Navigating AI's Ethical Frontiers

Moderator: Melinda Nikula-Kaskovits Dr.
Speakers: Judit Firniksz Dr., Andrea Megyeri Dr.

11:00 AM


11:15 AM

Maximize conversions with AI enhanced competitive analysis

Presenter: Amy Wees

12:00 PM

Redefining sales: leveraging AI to enhance conversion rates and revenue

Moderator: Tibor Zsirmik
Speakers: Katarzyna Mlynarczyk, Patrick van den Hoevel

12:50 PM


1:00 PM

How to harness AI: driving data-driven decisions for increased trust and profitability

Moderator: Vica Bedő
Speakers: Jenny Nichols, Marta Duchai, Dr. Balázs Vajna

1:50 PM

Closing Insights

Presenter: Orsi Szabo Dr.

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About the organizer

Orsolya Szabo Dr.

Orsolya Szabo Dr. is the driving force behind Content Trailblazers, blending world-class education with groundbreaking AI and digital marketing initiatives. Her academic prowess is not only highlighted by strategic insights from Harvard and cutting-edge AI knowledge from Stanford but also enriched by an MBA in Crisis and Change Management, equipping her with the versatility to lead in dynamic environments.

At the helm of Zsolya Communication, she has launched the transformative Zsolya Challenge, a three-week intensive on AI marketing that clinched the prestigious Marketing Diamond Award. Beyond her role as a mentor in an extensive six-month AI marketing program, Orsi’s influence extends to her ownership of Women & Business Magazine, underscoring her commitment to empowering women in the business arena. Her multifaceted career is a beacon for professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of digital innovation and marketing.

Check out my LinkedIn profile!

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Frequently Asked

What topics will be covered at the Content Trailblazers event?

The event will delve into AI’s impact on digital marketing and content creation, covering four main pillars: Content & AI, Data & AI, Sales/Automation & AI, and Law & AI. Expect to gain insights into how AI transforms content strategies, enhances data analytics, automates sales processes, and navigates the legal aspects of AI technology.

Who should attend the Content Trailblazers event?

This event is ideal for C-suite executives, digital marketers, content creators, data analysts, legal professionals, tech innovators, and anyone interested in the latest trends and technologies at the intersection of AI and digital marketing.

How can I participate in the event?

You can participate in the Content Trailblazers event online by choosing from three ticket types:

  1. Innovator’s Ticket: Priced at $229 (early bird $129), offering live access to all panel discussions, two key presentations, exclusive speaker discounts, additional AI materials, and entry to a private networking group.
  2. Trailblazer’s Ticket: Priced at $529 (early bird $329), includes all benefits of the Innovator’s Ticket plus access to a special workshop, 7 days of recording access, participation in Q&A sessions, and a free PR opportunity in Women & Business Magazine.
  3. Explorer’s Pass: Priced at $159, provides 7-day access to recordings of all panel discussions and two key presentations, catering to those who wish to engage with the content at their own pace.
Can I leave and return to the event if I have other commitments?

Yes, you can! Depending on your ticket type, you can join in and leave as needed. With the Explorer’s Pass and Trailblazers’ Ticket, you’ll have 7-day access to recorded sessions, allowing you to catch up later. The Innovator’s and Trailblazer’s tickets will be your best options for live participation and access to specific content during the event. We understand you might have other commitments, so we’ve designed ticket options to accommodate varying levels of availability.

What if I can't attend all the live sessions?

If you can’t attend all the live sessions, don’t worry; both the Trailblazer’s Ticket and the Explorer’s Pass offer solutions. The Trailblazer’s Ticket gives you 7 days of access to recordings, including special workshops and Q&A sessions. Similarly, the Explorer’s Pass provides 7-day access to recordings of all panel discussions and two key presentations, ensuring you can catch up on any missed content at your convenience.

What payment methods are available for purchasing tickets to the Content Trailblazers event?

We aim to make the ticket-purchasing process as convenient as possible. Attendees can securely buy their tickets using a debit or credit card.

Is the event live or pre-recorded?

The Content Trailblazers event is completely live, offering you the chance to engage directly with all sessions as they happen.

Will there be opportunities to interact with the speakers or ask questions?

Yes, attendees with the Trailblazer’s Ticket will have exclusive access to Q&A sessions with the experts, allowing for direct interaction and the opportunity to ask questions.

How do I access the virtual summit?

To access the Content Trailblazers virtual summit, you will receive a private link via email upon purchasing your ticket. This link will grant you access to the live event. Additionally, we’ll send you reminder emails that also include the link to ensure you have it handy for the event day.

What time does the summit start?

The Content Trailblazers event starts at 08:00 AM PDT for San Francisco, 10:00 AM CDT for Austin, 11:00 AM EDT for New York, 04:00 PM BST for London, and 05:00 PM CEST for Budapest. The sessions will run throughout the day with scheduled breaks for refreshments and rest.

Will the Content Trailblazers event be highly technical?

No, the Content Trailblazers summit is designed to be inclusive and approachable for everyone, regardless of their technical background. Our expert speakers are skilled at breaking down complex topics into understandable and actionable insights, ensuring the content is accessible without requiring specific technical skills.